Women and Girls in Sailing

Sailing a New World – as I see it.

It started out as an occasional visit on Sunday around lunch time, to the local yacht club. The man I married had been a sailor as a young person/teenager, with all his brothers and sisters. His parent’s, it turns out have been with the Club for many years. I enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching the vista before me, with boats sailing and a friendly atmosphere. Little did I know this was to become a full weekend commitment, and then expanding to membership of two clubs.

Our little girl and her cousin were put into a boat, without a sail at the age of four and their Dads would be in the water and push the boat between them, with the children in it. That was nearly ten years ago.

Sitting on the balcony and socialising I didn’t really become involved, thinking that as I knew nothing of this Sailing World, I wouldn’t be any good at helping out. My sister came to stay with us for a while and she helped in ‘The Tower’ which is where the races are timed, watched and recorded. I decided if she could do it, then maybe I could too.

I went into the Tower and have been there most Sundays, over the last two/three summers. This has enabled me to become more involved and watch my daughter race, which in turn gave me more understanding as to how the races work. It is a whole new world of flags, timing, course laying, radio operation, communication and excitement.

We have joined another club as my daughter is now a Youth Sailor and my son is a Junior Sailor. The journey with my son when he started sailing has enabled me to learn to rig a boat. This also encouraged me to go for some sailing lessons myself. Which, I thoroughly enjoyed. There is a lot more to sailing that meets the eye.

I have been on an amazing journey, there is always something new to explore, learn or know within the world of sailing. You can come in, like me and know next to nothing. Literally expand your horizons, while sitting in Yacht Club, where there is usually someone who can impart useful knowledge or knowhow. I am now proud to be the Club Representative for the Women and Girls in Sailing Committee at Parkale Yacht Club

If you have any questions as to whether sailing is for you, please give me a call and we can have a chat and maybe. . . . . it could be the sport for you and your family to learn and enjoy.

All the Best


Jane Grimshaw

0421 050 899