Weekly Update 17-12-06

A big thanks to Robin Hewitt for recently sharing his thoughts with us about all things weather…it was wonderful and is stimulating much ongoing discussion; we hope to welcome him back after Christmas for more illumination
This Sunday sees our Juniors as usual at 9
The 2017 Windsurfer States will be held at Parkdale this Sunday.  I will be casual, fun and busy as we race through as much as we can in a day
(no Windsurfer Training this week)
For those who have looked at the sailing calendar, you may have noticed that our Christmas dinner is scheduled to kick off round 5 (ish)…No, it’s not a surprise, its been on the calendar for months by the way !
A simple BBQ with simple salads is planned and as usual ,all are welcome
Please email your intention to Jim NOW, it will help those who seek to make it successful for all
Afternoon racing includes Championship # 5, Commodores Trophy # 4 and a resail if needed
Tandy, Phil and Bob present OOD and Canteen
Looking like a great day for Sunday.  See you there