Sunday 1st February – A normal day, almost…

Hope everybody enjoyed their long weekend, this week its all on again!! Forecasts are promising..

This week a Triathalon event will take place on Beach Rd, so please note the following…

Please be aware that Beach Rd will be closed to all traffic from 0530 to 1100 on Sunday. This is a situation we are well used to, so I ask for your cooperation and patience once again please. It is expected between 0900 and 1030 there will be 1400 bikes racing along Beach please whilst Beach Rd is closed:

  • park in streets around the Yacht Club, Monaco, Birdwood etc.
  • to cross the road, approach a Marshall (remember they are all volunteers, like us) and let them know you need to get to the club
  • those members who need to drop boats off, the majority of cyclists should be finished by 1030, so if you can wait till then before dropping your boats off that would be IDEAL!
  • if you must drop your boat off before 1030, please approach Beach Rd via Birdwood St, and wait for the Marshall to indicate when it is safe to cross.

Courteousness, patience and cooperation will ensure we all have a safe day.

Race Results
Many thanks to Geoff Buchan who has spent many hours reviewing results and viewing video tape (yes did you know the finish of all races are recorded?) entering data and generating results, recently ably assisted by Jane Grimshaw. The results to date are now posted on our website. Please note these are PROVISIONAL RESULTS only at this stage. Ray Whitford and Sternchaser to be posted shortly

Duty Roster
We still have some gaps in our Canteen and OOD Roster (note the yellow squares!). Any volunteers welcome…Please let me know.

Some Upcoming Event for Juniors!
14th – 15th February – Lidgett Cup Daveys Bay.
21st – 22nd February, Camp out at Pauls!! More details to come. A MUST for all juniors and parents!!

Our Schedule for this week

Junior Learn to Sail

Junior Race Training

Race Brief

Championship #7, Grand Prix #2, and a Resail (we have quite a few to catch up on!)

Officer of the Day is Jim Kariotis, and in the Canteen is Shintaro Nagayam.


see you Sunday.