Sunday 7th December – Beach Rd closure, Racing and Xmas Dinner!

Some challenging variations in strength and direction last week, but a beautiful day on the water. Keep your eye on this weeks forecast!

Another busy Sunday this week.

First, please be aware there is a Triathalon event this Sunday which means that Beach Rd will be closed from 0600 – 1100. So no parking on Beach Rd until after 1100. There will be bikes along Beach Rd, and also runners along the path on the beach, so we will have competitors running across the front of the club doors and on the apron on the beach level. Please be very cautious when crossing the path, and moving boats in and of the club. There will be Marshalls on Beach Rd to assist with access to  the club, and on the apron to assist with the pedestrian traffic. If you are dropping off a boat, please access Beach Rd via Birdwood St where a Marshall will assist your ingress to the ramp. Previous years have shown that with everybody’s cooperation and patience there is only minor inconvenience.

Of course, it is also the annual Parkdale Yacht Club Xmas Dinner commencing at 1730. If you haven’t already sent an RSVP, please email me NOW to (please replace AT with @) – $25 adults, $15 kids, drinks at bar prices, free fun and Santa!


Our Schedule for this week

Junior Learn to Sail

Junior Race Training

Race Brief

Harmony Sternchaser, Championship #5 (& possible Resail pending weather)

We will also be joined on the course by our colleagues from Windsurfing Victoria!

Xmas Dinner


Officer of the Day is me (Phil!) and in the canteen is Kate Russo.


Thanks to Bruce and Guy who have worked together on our wonderful PYC Weather Station web page. Real time weather conditions at the club can now be viewed on our website. Click on Parkdale Weather under the Members tab (also viewable on mobile devices).

PLEASE REMEMBER – the Duty Roster is on our website, (under News and Events tab) so please check if you are rostered on. We do have vacancies in the Canteen for 2015 and we are looking for volunteers before we start asking directly. If you’d like to put your name down for Canteen duty, (means helping Lara in kitchen from approximately 0900-1400 on a Sunday once a season), please let me know ASAP.

Also, just note, our new rescue boat is so highly regarded amongst the sailing community that we have been requested to lease it out for ISAF World Cup over the next week so you wont see it this week or next, but we will have a replacement rescue boat in the meantime!

See you all there