Sunday 16th November

A great day last week. Many thanks to our all members and supporters who came along to join in the launch of the new rescue boat, and just to test us out the weather then came in during the afternoon which saw the new Superior swing into action. Two out of three races were completed. Well done to all. Forecast

This week three more races are planned for this week, with a bit of everything forecast!

Junior Learn to Sail

Race Brief
Commodores Trophy 2, Ray Whitford 7, Resail

Officer of the Day is Scott McKenzie and in the canteen helping out is Annabel Butler.



Check the duty roster
Please check the roster to know when you are on duty. You will not receive any personal reminder emails about your duty, its up to you to check.

If you havent done so, please pay your membership fees. No fee, no race points.


And don’t forget Xmas dinner coming up on Sunday 7th December¬†