Cup Weekend – no sailing…

A big thank you for last week to all those who made Discover Sailing at PYC so successful, including Darren Sherriff, Guy Blackman, Scott McKenzie, Laurie Bradford, Peter Marsh, Sarah Blackman, Jim Kariotis, Lach Smale and all the others who helped out. We had lots of interested and enthusiastic newcomers, all  with big happy faces. Thanks all.

It was also Junior Registration day so thanks to Paul Grimshaw and his helpers for taking all those excited kids and families around the club. We look forward to them all starting on the 9th November.

Some fun races last week with some tricky wind shifts. There has been some debate about the course of the second race, the Ray Whitford, which the Race Committee are looking in to!

No racing this weekend, so enjoy the break, do some training, and get ready for the following week!

And so Sunday 9th November will be another big day for the club as we will officially launch our new Rescue Boat. We have several key stakeholders and supporters coming down to attend, including the Junior Mayor of the City of Kingston, supported by a couple of Councillors, representatives from Bendigo Bank and Yachting Victoria, maybe some local politicians as well as a few others. Proceedings will commence at 1030  and finish well before midday for our ever important race briefing.

So enjoy this long weekend, and I will be in touch next week!