Bliss – A REGATTA FOR WOMEN OTB expression of interest

“The BLiSS (Brighton Ladies Skipper Series) Committee is thinking about expanding the Royal Brighton Yacht Club BLiSS Regatta to include an off-the-beach boat event, run simultaneously with the keelboat racing.  We would love to expand the event to cover a wider range of women and girl sailors, and provide an opportunity for some more fun racing.  It was clear that when RBYC hosted the 29ers Nationals that there are many 29er crews with girls on the helm, and there are many girl skippers and all-girl crews in all the major OTB classes.
We would welcome entries from any of the OTB classes which are popular at your club.  The event is on the weekend of 24-25 May 2014, and we can offer two days of fun racing (up to 3 races per day), with a late presentation lunch on Sunday for all competitors.  There would be overnight storage for boats.
Can you help us decide?  All you need to do is contact us and express interest and support for this idea.  We would like to know what classes you sail and the likely level of interest from your club members.”

Unfortunately it is the same weekend as our PYC Presentation Lunch – Sunday 25th May 2014.

Please let me know if you would be interested in doing this event, now or next year, so I can let RBYC know where we stand. It should be great fun.

Please e-mail me at:

Or call on 0412 050 899

Kind Regards

Jane Grimshaw

WGIS Parkdale Club Representative