Minnow Victorian State Titles 2014 – Final Results

After a great weekend of sailing, the final results of the Minnows State Titles are in!. Please click links below for all results.

Congratulations to all our PYC Minnow Sailors. It was great to see them all having fun.

Jude Smale winning the Novice Series, Jack Challands winner junior series, and Hudson Ford for most improved, Isabella Grimshaw for good sportsmanship, and to:
Devon McKenzie
Taite McKenzie
Chelsea McDonald
Owen McGindle
Joshua Dubbin-Challands
Laurence Downie
Daniel Grimshaw
Eleanor Grimshaw
George Aulich
Will Grimshaw
Grace Hawkless
for representing PYC with pride!

A HUGE thanks to all the PYC members involved in hosting such a great event. All the parents and kids who worked on official boats, recorded results, helped launch and retrieve boats, washed down boats, prepared the club during the week, towed rescue boats, worked in the kitchen, cut, cooked, served, baked, washed cleaned and even swept floors during the day, and so much more….many parents who volunteered had kids racing so missed out on some of their feats, many volunteers didn’t even have kids racing…..

It is great to be part of a club that has so many willing people!!

Minnows Open Results 2014

Minnows Seniors 2014

Minnows Juniors 2014

Minnows Novice 2014