Extraordinary General Meeting – 26th November 2013 – Amendments to PYC Constitution

The Associations Incorporation Act is Victorian legislation that provides the ability for clubs to legally incorporate. The Act has recently been reviewed and changed and is now called the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.Changes to the Act came into effect on the 26th November 2012 and include some important reforms that sporting groups need to be aware of. 

For a summary of the changes, please refer to this guide Club Guide to Changes in the Associations Incorporations Act(Dec 2012)

More information is also available as the Consumer Affairs Victoria website

We have engaged the services of Vicsport to assist us in making the appropriate changes to our club Constitution.

The changes will in no way effect the day to day running of the club, so as a member you will not notice any difference.

In short, the changes you might be interested in include:

– the “Purposes of the Club” are now included in the Constitution. Previously they were a separate document.

 – there has been some clarification in the “Grievance Procedure”

– Secretary duties have expanded slightly to include that of what was previously known as Public Officer, and now members may request access to all meeting minutes through the Secretary

All other changes are minor and can be seen in the annotated version.


To assist members understand all the changes, below is a link to the old club constitution with the changes highlighted.

PYC Annotated Constitution

Also attached is the ‘clean copy” of the new constitution.

PYC New Constitution

Hard copies of these documents will also be available in the Tower at the Club on Race Days.

To adopt these amendments, we are required two hold an Extraordinary General meeting where the members will be asked to vote to accept these changers. For the changes to be accepted, 75% of those in attendance must vote in favour. A quorum consists of 15 members, and only financial members are eligible to vote.

Presuming the amendments are accepted, the committee can then lodge the Application form to the Consumer Association Victoria before the 26th November which is the last date for submission.


Simply turn up to the EGM at 1200 Sunday 26th November 2013, cast your vote in support of the resolution, and then we can all go sailing!

If you have any questions, please feel fee to contact me via email at philrusso64@gmail.com and I will try to answer your questions.


Phil Russo