EFFECTIVE FROM 1st October 2013

16.1 The low point scoring system of Appendix A will apply for PYC events with the following amendments; a boat recorded as DNC or DNS shall score points for the finishing place two more than the number of starters for that race; a boat recorded as DNF, RET, DISQ, OSS, or DNE shall score points for the finishing place one more than the number of boats starting in the race.

16.2 The number of races, and the number to count in each series are shown on the annual race program.

16.3 A boat/sailor representing the Club at class association events, or other events as approved by the Race Committee before its commencement, may apply by writing to the next officer of the day, within one week of the event, for approval of the committee to have average points awarded for the Club race(s) missed on that day.
This is available for two race days for the season only, and no other days.
Average points will only be awarded where the sailor has competed in
50% of the series, that they have missed.

16.4 Only members of the Parkdale Yacht Club who have paid membership and racing fees in full by the start of each sailing season shall be eligible to score points. A member who has not paid their membership and racing fees shall score D.N.C. for all races, until their fees are paid, from which point they will start to accumulate points. Points for the next boat finishing and all following places will be adjusted accordingly.

16.5 A boat/sailor required for Club duty, and unable to sail on that day, due to that duty, may apply to the Race Committee for average points for that race.

In Summary the changes to the sailing instructions dated September 2012 are
16.1 “a boat recorded as DNC or DNS shall score points for the finishing place two more than the number of starters” rather than six extra points as was previously in the instructions.
16.2 remains’ as was.
16.3 has been added, not only to encourage sailors to compete in their classes elsewhere, but to clarify Parkdale Yacht Clubs position on such events and the system for claiming and awarding of average points.
16.4 has been added, to clarify what has always been stated, remembering that 6.2 of our constitution, specifies the fee due date “is payable in advance on or before the first day of August in each year”.
16.5 has been added to clarify what has always happened,
Note; as is our current practice, the names of the sailors on duty are recorded in the log, so there is no need to apply for average points for these occasions.

Existing Copies of the SAILING INSTUCTIONS
Both in printed form and on the Website
will be altered to show these amendments
within the next 30 days