Changes to issuing Silver & Gold Cards from Yachting Australia

“Yachting Australia and the State Associations have agreed that they will discontinue issuing physical Silver and Gold cards. This decision has come about after consultation with member clubs and is effective from this season. It was seen that cost savings here will be channeled back into ongoing development of the sport. All club members may access a printable PDF online via mySailor. This includes your Sailor Identification Number, your club (and other clubs you are a member of) and any Yachting Australia qualifications you hold.

The online card also evidences that a sailor is entitled to race in compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing (Rule 46 Person in Charge and Rule 56 Crew).

To be able to access your information through mySailor it is important that you update all of your details, particularly your current email address. Please follow the link to mySailor at the Yachting Victoria website. This will allow you to retrieve your password if forgotten. If you don’t have a current email address in the system and need to retrieve your password you will need to contact the club directly to enter it for you. Members who have difficulty with this should contact their club official.

The benefits cardholders receive remain unchanged, including Personal Accident Insurance and access to offers from Yachting Australia Loyalty Partners. You do not need a physical card to access these benefits, but do need to have up to date information on mySailor.

Your Club Committee believes these are the right decisions and supports the initiatives by the State Association and Yachting Australia.”