Summer season approaching

Newsletter from Phil Russo – Commodore

Time to wake up from that winter slumber and dust off the rigging….Its only 8 weeks till our season starts!!!

During the winter hibernation your committee members have been hard at work! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to update you all on a few things… 

  • Sailing starts 6th October
  • Working bees on 7th  & 28th September
  • Be prepared to do your OOD or Canteen Duty
  • Please be ready pay for membership fees online EARLY


Sailing calendar

The 2013/14 Sailing season commences on the Sunday 6th October with Ray Whitfords 1 and 2! The sailing calendar is almost complete, and will be posted on our website very soon.

Working Bees

Before we can do this though we need to have some working bees to ensure our club is ready.  So please pencil in both Saturday 7th September and Saturday 28th September to come down and help out for a few hours. Work will commence at 0830 on both days. We NEED all our members to help out on these days and Bob will have a job for everybody!

Duty Rosters

To make sure every member does their bit for the club, and avoid responsibility always falling on the same few, this season we plan to allocate each members duty’s (Officer of the Day and Canteen) prior to the start of the season. Duty Rosters will be posted on the website. It will be each members responsibility to know when they are rostered on.

If you are unable to fulfill your duties on the allocated day then YOU will need to arrange a swap with another member. Unfortunately the committee has no resources to devote to organising these changes for you. HOWEVER, if there is any member who would like to take responsibility for this (particularly Canteen duty) please contact me!

Junior Training

Aaron DeFina, Chris Hewitt, Paul Grimshaw, Darren Hawkless and Jim Kariotis have all been working hard to map out the junior program for the season. Junior training is scheduled to commence on 24th November, with some of the more experienced juniors undertaking some race training in the weeks prior to this.

This will all be detailed on the Sailing Calendar when it is completed.


Our online membership process will once again be in action very soon. To help the club, we strongly request that members pay their fees early.  This not only helps our financial planning and management, but also effects the scoring of races. If you haven’t paid, you don’t get points for any of the series. To change the results retrospectively for late payments is a massive time waster for those volunteers who will be managing race results this year.

We will notify you when the Online membership forms are active.

Hall Floors

During this month our Hall Floors will be getting a good polish over! They will be looking great come the start of the season!

City of Kingston

The Committee has met with the City of Kingston regarding our lease, which expires in mid 2015. It was great that CoK acknowledged that over recent years our membership has increased, our junior training has taken off big time, our working bees produce very good outcomes, our finances are sound and we have plans to improve the building. The Committee and CoK will be working with closely together to nail down a lease and our long term security.